Swift-Cut Education

Educating the fabricators of the future

In recognition of the importance and global resurgence of trade and technical schools, Swift-Cut is proud to introduce its Educational Curriculum – Swift-Class Education.

Our goal is to introduce the finest, light industrial CNC plasma tables to all of the future business owners, operators, managers and fabricators. We’re confident that our program will provide the tools to make it as easy as possible for instructors and educators to provide the proper experience to their students.

Advanced features & capabilities

We at Swift-Cut, feel that our PRO Series Plasma table provides the most advanced features and capabilities on the market today. Together, with a very intuitive and user-friendly operator’s interface, educators now have a common-sense tool to provide to students, with exposure to the latest technology.

We have tapped into over 50 years of experience in the Educational field, from Massachusetts to Texas by speaking directly with Mr. Tony McIntosh of Keefe Technical School and Mr. Scott Guidry formerly with the Texas Educational system. Their real-life experience in both the classroom and shop environments, were critical to the development of the program.

SwiftCAM CNC cutting software

Swift-Cut’s easy to use software guarantees that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers will be capable of operating the CNC plasma cutting system. Minimal training means the table will be operational almost immediately, maximising output from the start.

“I was so impressed with the first Swift-Cut machine that I purchased that when I switched schools I made a point of purchasing another one.”

“The setup, training, and support that I have received from Swift-Cut has been nothing but first class. I would not hesitate to recommend the purchase of this equipment to anyone.”

“I have been involved in the metal fabrication industry since 1987, and have been an educator since 2001, and this is the best entry-level training system I have found.”

Program Content

Our program is broken down into 10 modules.

Module 1 breaks down plasma and CNC basics so that students have a better understanding of the core principals.

Module 2 Introduces students to the Swift-Cut systems and procedures so that they can begin to cut with supervision. This includes safety and care of the machine and plasma components.

Modules 3-10 are guided activities to develop and test the students understanding of the programming and machine, and how it can be applied to the real world. They incorporate considerations for other fabrication steps such as bends, tapped holes, and welds, so that students can begin to think about larger scale projects. Students will create shelving units, mounts, bird houses, and more.

A certificate template is supplied that can be issued to each student upon completion of the activities and demonstrating a competence to run the table for independent projects.

Take control of your cutting with a Swift-Cut CNC machine

Whether you’re ready to buy, would like a demonstration in our customer experience centre, or just have some questions regarding our machines or software, please feel free to leave an enquiry and one of our team will be in touch.