Silver Lake High School update old plasma technology thanks to Swift-Cut

Silver Lake High School, in Kingston, Massachusetts has one of the best technology departments in the area, giving students the very best in the growing STEM arena; their workshops house the machinery and equipment to facilitate the practical elements of a vast vocational programme offering.

When they recognised that their CNC plasma machine was outdated and not providing the children with the best experience, they looked to replace it and as part of their research, attended an open day at Swift-Cut. They loved the new technology, the user-friendly software, solid machine build and the commissioning and training on site was a particular bonus for them, and so their search started and ended with Swift-Cut.

The students benefit hugely from the up-to-date technology that their Swift-Cut machine has afforded them whilst the engineering team benefit from the zoned downdraft, when before they had to exhaust over their whole table.

It has made life easier, but it has also added more layers to what they were doing before, and this is a wonderful attribute to the scope that owning a Swift-Cut CNC plasma cutting machine brings.