Huntsville purchase first Swift-Cut machine and already looking at their second

The course list at Huntsville High School is long and students attending want for nothing when it comes to vocational learning and the provisions that are supplied. None more so than the welding department, which has just recently taken ownership of their new 5×10 CNC Swift-Cut Pro plasma cutting table.

The current program on offer, where the machine is being utilised, is mainly comprised of a two-hour Dual Credit Welding class as well as an Ag Mechanics and a Metal Tech class. These courses have progressed so much in the last five years that their old table simply couldn’t keep up with the demand the programs and projects require. And not only is there the everyday courses to facilitate, but Huntsville High School also competes in Ag Mech Project shows in Houston, San Angelo, Walker County and at Blinn College, so their table had to be robust and reliable.

When searching for a new 5×10 CNC Plasma table they knew that high on the wish list was a model that would replicate the industry to prepare students for life after High School. The Swift Cut Pro Series Table is one of the heaviest built tables that they looked at and their concern that it might not be suitable for a school was soon dispelled.

Jeff Sockwell, Department Head said, “The cut quality is by far the best of any table I have ever operated. The CAM software is easy to learn and if you make a mistake, you can always back your way out of it and start over. The CAD software new interface is not overwhelming and is easy for the students to master and we’ve had no miscuts since taking possession. In the past I have worked with a Torchmate and an EZ Plasma and they do not compare to the Swift Cut in construction or quality, in my opinion.”

He added that, “The customer service is second to none. If I don’t get Brecken when I call, I will get a return call in less than thirty minutes. He and Jordan have made themselves available for anything I need regarding my table. The one time they were both unavailable, I received a call from the global support team in the UK!”

Going forward, Jeff is keen to add another Swift-Cut table to his workshop at Huntsville High School and is already considering his options. He is also quick to tell others about Swift-Cut, saying that, “I have already recommended this table to several different High Schools here in Texas. These recommendations are based on the construction and the software, but mainly on the customer service. Since we are not daily operators it has been nice to pick up the phone and for there to be someone on the other end answering, willing to help.”