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We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Wilson Products to give you the chance to see our CNC plasma cutting machine live at Welding Expo 2019, Pennsylvania


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Wilson Products Inc. 3411 Northwood Ave. Easton, PA 18045


Wednesday, September 25th – Thursday, September 26th


Wednesday, September 25th
8:30 AM – Welding Technology Seminar
11 :00 AM – Fume Management Seminar
1 :30 PM – Plasma Seminar

Thursday, September 26th
8:30 AM – Plasma Seminar
11:00 AM – Fume Management Seminar
1 :30 PM – Welding Technology Seminar

PLASMA SEMINAR – Max Williams (Hypertherm) and Scott Wirtanen (Swift-Cut) will be working together to present the latest technology in plasma tables. We will have a Swift-Cut table on site equipped with a Hypertherm plasma system for demonstrations throughout the day. Max will also be discussing the benefits of Hypertherm specialty consumables such as FlushCut, Hy Access,
and Gouging.

WELDING TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR – Justin Heistand & Joe Ruble (Miller Electric) will demonstrate the features & benefits of the new Multimatic 255 and Multimatic 220 AC/DC. In addition, they will be presenting Miller’s ArcReach technology by demonstrating the Big Blue 400 PipePro along with the ArcReach Suitcase Feeders. The ArcReach Smart Feeder will also be featured which showcases Miller’s Synergic RMD (Regulated Metal Deposition) and Pulsed MIG Welding.

FUME MANAGEMENT & PROTECTION SEMINAR – Kevin Quinn (Miller Electric) will be discussing the OSHA pyramid for fume management and explain the “why” behind each step. He will also cover the wide variety of available fume systems and how to utilize them for each application. Fume Extractors, Supplied Air Systems, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), and training systems will be used to demonstrate some of the available options.


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If you’re interested in attending the Welding Expo fill out the form below.

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