ROI expected in under 2 years for PK Metallbau

PK Metallbau has only been in business for two years but has already built up quite the customer base. Founder Patrick Knapp knew quite early on in his business that he didn’t want to depend on outsourcing his metal cutting to external companies.

Prior to Swift-Cut, Patrick had to either use a handheld plasma or send his metal cutting to a profiler. Both a time consuming and impractical option when vying for business in a competitive sector.

Despite Patrick wanting to purchase a laser cutter, a plasma CNC cutter was the best and most affordable option. An internet search showed a local plasma machine distributor was geographically nearer but when he looked into Swift-Cut, he was impressed with quality of the build of table. In comparison to the local alternative, it was clear to Patrick that Swift-Cut was the better option.

The machine is working every day. Patrick was blown away by how easy it is to use. They’re cutting all kind of materials, including copper, and he is still amazed at the amount of machine you get for your money!

“The machine you receive for the amount of money you spend is impressive. It makes the cutting jobs so much easier and faster.”

With PK Metallbau’s main customer base being companies who build agricultural equipment and a fair amount of competition in the same area, Patrick has already found that he can beat lead times considerably and offer a competitive alternative with in-house cnc plasma metal cutting capabilities.

They started their Swift-Cut journey in January 2023, Patrick says that by January 2024 he estimates roughly 50% of the machine will have already paid for itself. That’s a two-year return on investment which for a sizeable purchase is astounding.

Perhaps a testament to the entire process is that even though Patrick had some minor teething problems at the beginning as he got to understand the process, he is so happy with the technical service Swift-Cut offers that he would recommend the machine to any of his friends and cutting businesses nearby.

“I would recommend Swift-Cut because of the ease of use, value for money, and the fact it makes cutting jobs so much easier.”

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