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We’ve been busy here at Swift-Cut in the last few months – we’ve launched our new website, upgraded the XP machine and supported the NHS during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Website redesign

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our re-designed website www.swift-cut.com this month.

We’ve made it faster, easier to navigate and more user-friendly, recognising how busy our customers are and shaping the website to be a more efficient service.  We’ve made it easier than ever to browse our range based on specific requirements using the ‘table selector’ function – an absolutely brilliant tool guaranteed to make choosing the right machine even easier.

There’s better access to who we are, our products, our case studies and our news and blogs. Content will be updated regularly, enabling our customers to have access to up-to-date information and resources.

Feedback is welcome – what do you think of our new look and how can we improve it even further?

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Upgraded XP machine

Our CNC XP range has just received a huge upgrade!

The Swift-Cut XP is ideal for the heavy duty and high production environment. Highly reliable, faster and stronger, this machine can handle heavier metal plates and pierce up to 32mm in thickness.

Here are just some of the features and benefits of our upgraded XP machines range:

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  • Improved edge finish with mixed gas cutting capabilities
  • Less dross, less taper and faster cut speeds
  • Omron AC digital servos deliver exceptional positioning accuracy
  • JPEG/DXF/DWG import capable
  • Beginner and Advanced CNC controls to suit your needs
  • Intelligent Torch Height Control for repeatable cut quality and increased consumable life
  • Cut recovery for interrupted cuts due to a breakaway head or emergency button.
  • Plate Alignment

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Swift-Cut helping supply NHS PPE

Swift-Cut support face mask production for our NHS (National Health Service)

Swift-Cut teamed up with the manufacturing experts at the Coventry-based Manufacturing Technology Centre and developed a fast-make, lightweight face visor to protect front-line NHS staff. The visor went from design to full production in just five days.

With the help of Swift-Cut’s advanced waterjet-cutting technology, the production was increased even more, allowing thousands of visors to be supplied to the NHS, free of charge.

“We immediately accepted the challenge from the MTC and within a matter of hours were able to turn the idea into reality. A prototype polypropylene frame was quickly produced on our Swift-Jet machine and submitted for approval. After an initial supply of 1,000 visors within an extremely aggressive timeframe, we have gone on to produce a further 5,000, thanks to the MTC and our suppliers.” Phil Camp, Managing Director, Swift-Cut Automation

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Influencer marketing

As you might already know, we’ve chosen influencer marketing as one of our tactics to market the Swifty machine.  Influencer marketing has proven to outperform traditional advertising formats, in terms of credibility and reach.

We started working with Colin Furze back in 2017 and his YouTube content and website referrals generate between 50-70 leads a year for Swift-Cut, which is a great result.

Leading on from this, we decided to take on a few more influencers as part of our strategy to focus  on content marketing and clever storytelling, yielding a positive influence on purchasing decisions. We have identified a new, potentially exciting influencer based in Spain, Rocha KRG is on Instagram and YouTube. Do follow him – he will be creating great and engaging content with the Swifty which you can like, share and use in your marketing.

If you have any individuals or companies in mind who are hot right now on social media, please let us know as it would be great to expand this strategy.

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Swift-Cut want to help all our partners have a strong and positive end to what has been a challenging year. We’re here to provide support, marketing material, sales refresher courses, online training and deals on multiple machine orders to push the entire range through the last quarter.

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