Make UK – the rebranding that celebrates the best of British manufacturing

Make UK is everything that the EEF was – only sharper, more distinct and with a clearer mission to understand the needs of the modern age of digital manufacturing.  The 100 year old organisation has rebranded and regrouped to become Make UK, it was announced at this year’s Annual Manufacturing Conference.  The change of name and redesigned branding is indicative of the shift towards a more modern age of digital manufacturing.

Some might say that the change is also symptomatic of UK manufacturing ‘weatherproofing’ itself against the growing likely hood of leaving the EU with ‘no deal’.  According to a survey that they carried out in conjunction with YouGov, 49% of companies believe leaving with a no deal will make the UK a less attractive location for manufacturing.

As British Manufacturing must adapt to the changing curve of this political landscape, so then must those whose job it is to champion it.  Make UK’s new image reflects a new modern manufacturing world.  Their CEO, Stephen Phipson said he ‘felt that our name should be clear and say what we do.’  Whilst a spokesperson added that ‘our sector is changing, so are we.’

The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Theresa May commented: “The UK has a proud manufacturing heritage, and the industry remains one of our biggest employers – driving productivity across the country. I look forward to working with Make UK to build the best business conditions for British manufacturers to allow them to continue to thrive in the future.”