Founded in 2011, Swift-Cut recognised there was a gap in the market for affordable CNC plasma cutting tables and decided to design a range of systems that would go on to set the benchmark for the industry. The company quickly gained a reputation for producing high performing, reliable machines at price point not seen before with this level of quality. The company’s products were especially popular among small to medium-sized businesses that required a cost-effective solution for cutting metal.

As the business grew rapidly, Swift-Cut saw the need for a European centre of excellence and in 2014 the perfect location was found in Goor, Netherlands. This central hub offers customers a chance to see first-hand the quality of the machinery manufactured, from the entry level Pro 1250, right through to the cutting-edge Swift-Jet Pro 3000. Facilities include a full range of machines available for demonstration in a custom-built showroom, bar area and meeting room. The position of the centre is crucial to allow the company to support the Dutch, German, Austrian and Swiss regions.

Over the past 12 years Swift-Cut have been firmly committed to providing innovation, quality, and value at every turn. It is this philosophy that drives everything we do as we continue to grow our product portfolio, and ensure we remain the best-in-class light-industrial CNC solutions provider.