Lyndon Institute Swift-Cut

Swift-Cut easy to use software a real plus for New England school

Founded in 1867, Lyndon Institute is dedicated to providing a unique educational experience for their students, ones that lead to a lifetime of learning and good citizenship.

It’s a school that puts a great emphasis on helping their students discover their individual aptitudes, whether that be academic, performing arts or technical and career programs.

It’s an honor therefore, that they chose Swift-Cut to replace their old CNC Plasma table, with first class advice and support given by our new England partners, Airgas.

Lyndon Institute’s Career and Technical Education faculty are dedicated to providing students with the skills necessary to pursue a career in their field of interest. They pride themselves on giving access to the very best in hands-on learning, their new Swift-Cut Pro *** being a fine example of the investment they make in their students.

They loved the features on their Swift-Cut Pro ** table, particularly the straightforward and easy to use software, and the fact that we’re based right here in New England and so we’re on hand for any assistance in the future.

We’re confident that Swift-Cut will make it easy for the Lyndon Institute’s educators to provide the quality of experience that they pledge to their future students, for many years to come.