Swift-Cut CNC table adds value and saves time for Maine customer

Sometimes it’s not the case of a CNC plasma machine coming in to a workshop setting and saving the day, eradicating jobs by hand or outsourcing – sometimes our customer’s old technologies are just as competent and their breadth of capabilities wide. The addition of CNC plasma cutting in Stiman Steel’s case was just that – they are a company that had the capabilities to cut metal before with shears, drills and big multi tools. But having the Swift-Cut Pro CNC cutting table as part of their arsenal now means they have cut the usage of those other machines to less than half.

It was Swift-Cut partner Maine Oxy that introduced Andrew Stiman to Swift-Cut and he was blown away by the service from both. Before they even received the table, Swift-Cut introduced Andrew to CAD wizard, Dominque, who familiarised him with the software, ensuring he would then be proficient from the very start.

An easy installation followed, using a dedicated power source and air supply. Andrew was very particular about the set-up, so Swift-Cut worked closely with him over the course of a couple of days to ensure that everything was running the way he wanted it to.

This attention to detail did not go unnoticed, with Andrew Stiman saying, “The customer service has been 10/10. Between Dominique, Ben, and Scott I have never had a question that hasn’t been answered.”

The machine is now operated to cut aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel, anything from 18 gauge up to 7/8″ and often up to fifty hours a week.

“It saves us SO much time. Things that used to take hours to make take seconds now.”

Andrew has predicted that the table will comfortably pay for itself in less than a year, just in the time savings alone and whilst its primary use is for their own projects, they have realised that if they subbed it out to other companies, the return on it would be even greater. Something worth considering in the future Stiman Steel – save money and make money, what’s not to like?!