Swift-Cut and Wouters helps Ducomat cut delivery times

Ducomat supplies material for industrial dust extraction for the wood sector. Since its start in 2009, the company bought its components abroad, but in view of shorter delivery times, two years ago it decided to take production into its own hands. In the autumn of 2021, the company bought a Swift-Cut Pro through Wouters Cutting & Welding (WCW) which immediately gave them a lot of extra benefits. Wouters is located in Belgium, and they are the Swift-Cut partners for both Belgium and The Netherlands.


Ducomat not only supplies separate components, but also does project work. Managing Director Stéphane Ducamp: “We import the German brand Schuko, producer of dust extraction units for the wood processing sector, and sell it in Belgium and France. However, these are only cabinets, without guidance. We then produce all the necessary pipes, plates, branches etc tailored to the project.” The installations comply with the CE regulations with regard to the extent to which dust is repelled after passage through the filter medium and the presence of dust where the concentration is considered to be ‘explosive’ (ATEX). ‎


“Until two years ago, we didn’t produce components ourselves, but bought them from abroad. Recently the delivery times became too long, so we started our own department for cutting, forming and welding components. Initially, the cutting was purely manual, but that took a lot of time. Now we cut the contours using the Swift-Cut Pro. This generally results in a much more precise and consistent cutting. In addition, the operator can perform a different task while the machine is cutting.”

Stéphane Ducamp.


“More and more customers are ordering components via our site, fully customized. For example, we can cut any tube diameter between 80 and 550 mm.”

“Thanks to the capacity that Swift-Cut Pro offers, we can finish components immediately upon ordering and save on stock space”

“With the Swift-Cut Pro, we have the necessary capacity to finish components to order immediately, so that we can save a lot on stock space. In this way, we also prevent any incompatibility problems with sent documents.”

Ducomat, in consultation with WCW, opted for a Hypertherm Powermax65 plasma source. This is used for the smooth and high-quality cutting of galvanized steel plates from 0.7 to 3 mm.

Taken from an original article in WCW helpt snijden in de levertijden – Metallerie (pmg.be)