Swift-Cut gives back to the community, employs first student in new co-op program.

Silver Lake High School, in Kingston, Massachusetts has one of the best technology departments in the area, giving students the very best in the growing STEM arena.

The enthusiasm for their department and the investment they made in their Swift-Cut PRO510-DD table in 2021 was just the start of their story with us here at Swift-Cut. In a first of its kind for us, we have taken on a Co-Op student on a part time basis to help with building tables and assisting in various duties in our facility.

Students will be with us for the six months prior to their graduation, and they will benefit from the incredible hands-on experience and working environment which will hopefully fuel their interest in the industry and steer them towards a bright future.

The students will receive class credit as they learn different aspects of the business and get paid hourly for their time. The benefits are both financial and class credit, not to mention vital workplace experience.

We aim to take on a new student each year – watch this space for updates and progress!

Update: First Student graduates and Swift-Cut Co-Op scheme hailed a success

We’re happy to report that our first Co-Op student Kimball Coombes has now graduated and he reflected on his time with Swift-Cut in April’s Kingston Living Magazine.

“Kimball expressed how glad he is to have this experience. He said he thoroughly enjoys his work at Swift Cut and always feels he is continuing to learn. “I enjoy Metal Fab because the students are treated more like adults,” Kimball has enlisted in the Navy and is leaving in July of 2022. He hopes to continue welding during his time enlisted and would like to do underwater welding in the future.

We told Kingston Living Magazine that “Kimball is a fantastic addition to our team! He is dedicated, hard-working, and eager to learn all he can about CNC machine operations and we are lucky to have him on board. We are proud to be part of the industry leaders of plasma cutting systems and welcome the opportunity to assist the next generation of fabricators to excel in this field.”

We’ve already interviewed two more students keen to replicate Kimball’s success and we look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial partnership with Silverlake High School.