Return On Investment Slashed To Six Months For Start-Up

MK 2 Fabrication, based in Clarkrange Tennessee  is a start-up fabrication shop looking to make great strides in 2022.  Investing in machinery is often due to current capabilities not being up to the job, but for Jared Horst, he simply couldn’t do what he wanted to do without the equipment to back it up and so with his Swift-Cut Pro510, he has been able to take on more work and therefore expand his customer base.

Choosing his machine came down to the footprint coupled with cut thicknesses.  For a machine capable of so much, it took up so little space and for a currently small set up, this was invaluable.

It is often daunting to adopt new processes, but he found that the customer service at Swift-Cut, from the knowledge to the speed of response, made the transition an easy one.

The Swift-Cut Pro510 enabled him take on work he simply couldn’t do before, and he has sped up the processes he was doing by drill press and hand plasma previously.  Work that used to take two hours now takes twenty minutes.

“I’ve more than doubled my productivity and have a lot wider customer base.”

All of this growth potential and productivity improvements combined means that although he originally predicted a return on investment in three years, he now thinks he has the capabilities to do it in six months.  A pretty good start for a start-up!