Family business keen to diversify strikes gold with Swift-Cut

Located in Holbrook, MA, L.L.I.W. Metal Fabrication Inc. is a small business specialising in custom builds such as stairs, ramps, decks, fences, tables, frames, bars, and railings.

From seeing Swift-Cut at a demo, this family run business were blown away by the scope of the machines and what they were capable of.  Keen to diversify, LLIW needed a machine that could open up opportunities, not only in terms of what they could create but in terms of speed and precision.  As soon as they saw Swift-Cut, they knew they had found that machine.

Concerns about the learning curve, and their ability to be taught CAD and CNC were soon forgotten when they saw how easy the machines are to learn and use.  The ongoing support that Swift-Cut offers has also given them the confidence and reassurances to go for it – and with their ambition and the capabilities of their Swift-Cut table, they’ve now paid off their machine in under four months.  An incredible testament to the return of investment a Swift-Cut table affords, and a real achievement for L.L.I.W

Swift-Cut for Good

It’s not just about business sometimes; when L.L.I.W heard the tragic story of a school in Quincy hit by the death of a beloved parent from brain cancer – they were keen to do something to honour their life and create something tangible to benefit the children.  The result was this incredible bike rack, and it has been gratefully received by the school.

It’s always wonderful to hear that our tables can help aid such moving projects.

L.L.I.W said, “It was great being able to take the lead on this one. Worth more than money!”