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Aluminium Profil Systemer seek business growth with Swift-Cut

It is often many months into owning a Swift-Cut CNC cutting table when our customers realise the potential for business growth thanks to its phenomenal capabilities.

Not so for Ola Guren at Aluminium Profil Systemer – they purchased their machine with the main purpose of providing new business growth opportunities that they knew streamlining their production would create.

From their production facility in Hegdal, Larvik they manufacture custom glass facades for private and corporate companies.  Of course, business growth was not the only driver for choosing Swift-Cut – they were impressed by the quality of the machine, knowing that it would aid them in continuing to manufacture good quality products that they were renowned for.

“Quality, precision and service. Those three factors are why we chose Swift-Cut and iTec”

 Ola Guren was also impressed by the level of service he received from the outset, which included an impressive follow up, from both Swift-Cut and iTec.

“This was a nice entry-level model for us. A model that can also handle good plate sizes. The close collaboration and the smooth cooperation shown by Roger at iTec and Swift-Cut makes us feel well looked after”.

  “For many people, the process starts with looking at the investment cost. Swift-Cut is a sensibly priced machine with high quality. We see that it can serve the needs of many customers. Good software with high usability, together with premium results, makes it a very good machine for many.” says Roger Karterud, iTec

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