Underground Metal Works and Swift-Cut: A match made in CNC heaven

Underground Metal Works is a place where tattoo art meets metal art.  Its metal cutting with a rebellious streak and fire in the belly, and it is so cutting edge that owner Stephanie Hoffman @underground_metal_works is fast becoming a rising star in the world of welding.

Stephanie battled the stereotypical perception that welding was a man’s profession for years.  “Everything I did was under a microscope, pushing me to get better. I knew I could never be “just okay” at any single welding process — I had to be the best.”

That grit and determination to not just make it in a man’s world, but to smash it is what makes Underground Metal Works the success it is today.  When Stephanie chose Swift-Cut for her first CNC plasma cutting table, we were as excited as her to see what she would do with it.

“I typically create tattoo inspired pieces so finding a machine that not only had percussion cutting capabilities but also had an engraver was a must.”

She posted her first go with the engraver on Instagram – saying the six-foot piece of copper would have taken her days to do by hand but with Swift-Cut, it took under an hour.

“My Swift-Cut table has drastically cut down on production time and amplified my capabilities.”

The video got nearly a thousand likes from fellow metal cutters – she is certainly getting the respect she deserves.

We asked Stephanie about her first few weeks with the Swift-Cut machine.  We know that she was keen to get the machine working for her as soon as possible and that one of the reasons she chose Swift-Cut is because of the easy-to-use software.

“I’m far from a computer whiz and I was up and running in just a few hours. From the ease of use, the factory cut setting being spot on which makes clean up a breeze. I always say, “time is money in this industry” and this is about to save me a lot of time and make me a lot of money!”

Stephanie is about to launch a YouTube channel, with the Swift-Cut table being one of the stars of the show.  We don’t know a single metal cutter who is not passionate about their art, and who have not revelled in the capabilities of the Swift-Cut table, but Stephanie is taking it up a notch and it is exciting to watch.

“I’m really looking forward to creating more custom signs, furniture and sculptures with the help of my Swift-Cut table!” Not as much as your growing audience, Stephanie.

We’re pretty confident that anyone in two minds about the Swift-Cut table will be fully on board after seeing the work Underground Metal Works create with their machine.  If you think its out of your league budget wise, we urge you to get in touch, it is more affordable than you think!