Hypertherm Powermax vs. Hypertherm MAXPRO

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Hypertherm Powermax vs. Hypertherm MAXPRO

Max Pro overview:

  • Faster cut speeds by over 40% on average vs Powermax
  • Increased cutting capacity – pierce up to 32mm mild steel and edge start up to 50mm
  • Less taper in small holes by on average 1mm less
  • Significantly less dross. Up to 20mm dross free cutting
  • Improves consumable life by three times, according to Hypertherm
  • Due to improved consumable life you will see better repeatability over a larger quantity of parts
  • Multi Gas cutting, ability to cut with 02/air on mild steel for improved edge finish – leaves weld ready, edge decreasing, plate preparation time


Powermax overview:

  • Cutting capacity up to 25mm thickness
  • Lower initial investment to Max Pro at almost half the cost
  • Improved quality on thinner material – 3mm and below
  • Cheaper to run when cutting lower volumes
  • Easier to operate