Renishaw measures up to Swift-Cut

For almost fifty years, Renishaw has gone from a small home-based start-up to being one of the world’s leading engineering and scientific technology companies, specialising in precision measurement and healthcare.  They provide products and services in applications as varied as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, right through to dentistry and brain surgery.

Specialising in highly innovative, complex engineering products that assess, monitor and improve the performance of machine tools, they consider themselves to be the first step in process improvement.

They currently have offices in 35 countries, and employ over 4,000 people worldwide.  Around 2,800 of those are employed within the UK, where most of its research and development is carried out.  Their ethos and mission is one Swift-Cut can relate to, but more than that, it is one that correlates entirely with what Swift-Cut has achieved in only eight years.

For Swift-Cut, the importance placed on the quality of their machines is unquantifiable.  To guarantee optimum performance and motion accuracy, they perform multiple diagnostic ballbar testing on every machine that leaves the production facility. These tests examine the motion of the CNC as well as its functionality, with each machine going out achieving accuracy within the region of 300 microns.

They were only ever going to get the quality that matched their machines with Renishaw.