Machine parts

What is machinery downtime costing your business?

As a manufacturing business, machine malfunction can have far reaching consequences – not being able to deliver services and losing valuable time and money are just a few of the ways machinery failure can impact the smooth running of a production line.

At Swift-Cut, we’ve spent a lot of our time thinking about ways to ensure the Swift-Cut machine will not let you down.  Not only in its design and performance, but how we can step up if something does go wrong.

  • Innovative build functions including Breakaway Head to predict and avoid torch damage
  • Optimum performance and motion accuracy guaranteed – we perform multiple diagnostic bull bar testing on every machine that leaves our production facility. These tests examine the motion of the CNC as well as its functionality, with each table going out achieving accuracy within the region of 300 microns and no machine is shipped until it meets the required specification.
  • 12 months machine warranty and lifetime support
  • Competitive service packages available
  • Team Viewer allows our engineers to access your machine and rectify software problems instantly
  • Same day delivery on consumables and next day delivery on partsmachine parts