Quality VS Cost


Quality VS Cost

It’s not rocket science – the better the product, the less chance of returns and recalls meaning the more chance of turning a decent profit.

A survey carried out by Miele concluded that 78% of British Manufacturers believe quality is the key to delivering business growth.  And as a company, if the internal quality performance is not the issue, you must look to the supply chain for the problem.  If part of the process is outsourced, what control can a business have on the entire product?

Control the Swift-Cut Way

To manage the complete production and to ensure the quality remains consistent, you need to bring the entire production process in house.  And this is where the cost versus quality argument comes into force.  Investing in equipment is a big decision – long term you can see the financial benefits but it’s often hard to find the initial outlay.

In the same survey by Miele, the majority of manufacturers surveyed believe that ensuring quality drives trust in a brand and can give you the competitive advantage. 

With Swift-Cut, we offer the smart cutting solution that’s seen hundreds of businesses take back control of their own production chain.  It’s an investment that pays off in a multitude of ways – time saving, money saving, quality ensuring, product diversifying – and leaves no huge dents in the business bank account.

There is only one way to guarantee quality and that is to cut out the outsourcer. 

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So when we say Swift-Cut will help your business grow – we don’t just mean the cost of saving and the fast productivity – we mean the unrealised potential you might not have even considered before you chose Swift-Cut.