Deck Joint Swift-Cut Pro CNC plasma cutting table

Is this the year to grow your business?

Is this the year your business grows?

Since its inception in 2011, Swift-Cut has been on a mission to bring smart cutting solutions to the masses – creating an affordable product that made in-house cutting achievable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Opening up possibilities has always been a particular strength at Swift-Cut, every single one of our customers over the last seven years has reported that their Swift-Cut machine has been an investment that paid for itself within record time.

What is unquantifiable however, is the ways in which businesses find unexpected and exciting ways to use their machine. Often we hear how intuitive our machines are; as customers get to know the machine and realise its full potential, so the business seems to grow into new directions.

So when we say Swift-Cut will help your business grow – we don’t just mean the cost of saving and the fast productivity – we mean the unrealised potential you might not have even considered before you chose Swift-Cut.