BOLDesign with his Swift-Cut Pro machine

BOLDesign Inc

Based in Hudson, North Carolina, BOLDesign Inc. is about to celebrate the first birthday of their Swift-Cut Pro 510 DD.  Manufacturing custom processing equipment for the wood industry, this family owned business has been selling their patented designs since 1985.

For thirty plus years they had been using basic fabrication technology that although served them well, was in need of a shake-up.  Moving their processes forward meant choosing a machine to take over from their old system – which whilst dated, was still going to be a tough act to follow.

BOLDesign with the Swift-Cut Pro machine

Step in the Swift-Cut Pro 510 DD – which they chose with the Swift Trace tool and the Swift Cam 3 upgrade.   BOLDesign Inc. has been blown away by how much time the machine has freed up for them – the small parts labor was always time consuming and tedious, but the Swift-Cut machine has taken over and sped it up – producing four times as much in the same amount of time, as well as incorporating it into some of the larger jobs.

Swift-Cut machine being used by BolDesign

The accuracy and precision of the machine means that their jobs are neater and easier to put together – upping their productivity without compromising any of the quality they are renowned for.  It’s also freed up time – key people are now able to do other jobs and take on more work. To put it simply but perfectly, BOLDesigns Inc. said, ‘it has made life a lot easier!’

Here’s to your second year with Swift-Cut, BOLDesigns!