Hypertherm - 50 years of shaping possibility

A Hypertherm Adventure

Hypertherm ventures

Hypertherm is a company continually keeping their wheels turning – their latest launch is yet another string on their corporate social responsibility bow and a scheme that here at Swift-Cut, we find particularly worthy.

Introducing their new corporate venture capital arm to support emerging advanced manufacturing technology, Hypertherm Ventured will in essence partner up and coming technology enterprises.

Seeking partnerships with Universities, start-ups, entrepreneurs and early stage companies, Hypertherm Ventures believe they have the experienced leadership team and methodologies to benefit early stage companies and entrepreneurs. Nathan Pascarella, Hypertherm Ventures Business Development Manager said ‘Just as we began 50 years ago with an invention that made plasma cutting commercially viable for the first time ever, we look forward to supporting other entrepreneurs as they work to bring their inventions to life.’