Wayne Jelley car

Wayne Jelley Racing Repairs, MA

Wayne Jelley has been in the auto racing repair business for over thirty years, establishing himself as an authority in the business with an enviable reputation as an industry expert.  If you want mechanical work, you want Wayne Jelley.

It’s easy to coast along when your reputation precedes you and your appointment book is full, but Wayne started to look at the possibilities that owning a metal cutting machine could provide. And not only provide for his business, but for those all around him.  In simple terms – he realised he could keep all his metal cutting in house AND be the go-to for metal cutting for the surrounding businesses.  So not only would he be saving money, he’d be making money too.

He did his research into cutting machinery and looked at a few CNC plasma cutting tables before discovering Swift-Cut.  He was immediately impressed with the complete solution – the table is solid and manufactured for acute and accurate cutting, he liked the automated amperage and air pressure adjustment with the Hypertherm Powermax unit and he was blown away by the Swift-Trace system, which allows him to mark and cut in one operation – a time saving yet accurate way to streamline his production.

Not only did the machine impress, he found the installation and training provided a refreshing and positive experience, the tables are built to be up and running almost straightaway, and the training is structured so there is minimal down-time and production is pretty much immediately back on track.

He now produces brackets, gussets and customised signs, as well as fabricating components for local manufacturers.  An entirely positive experience for Wayne Jelley and for Swift-Cut.