GSM Swift Cut swift jet water jet plasma cutting table

Bring outsourced CNC cutting in-house

Buying your own CNC plasma machine will change the way you do business.  In-house capabilities will put an end to expensive and time consuming outsourcing.  Our Swift-Cut engineers designed the machines to require minimal training and immediate usage.  Once installed, you’re good to go.

A huge majority of our customers bought their own Swift-Cut CNC plasma machine when they grew tired of the expensive and time consuming nature of outsourcing.  In-house capabilities mean that turnaround and time scales are within your own control and not that of an outsourcer.  You can meet the needs of your clients as quickly as you need to.  It also presents you with the ability to offer your clients more, whether that’s in the form of prototypes or by diversifying into new areas. Owning a Swift-Cut CNC plasma cutting machine is a positive and potentially game-changing addition to any business.

Matthew Stobart, from the Stobart division of S & C Thermofluids, says owning their own plasma cutting machine has revolutionised the way they do things, ‘most of our work is one-off research equipment on a very fast turnaround so waiting for profiling companies to deliver parts was a big problem.  Now we can cut profiles while the project is in the design stage and make changes in real time.’

Time saved also means money saved and all our past clients agree, these savings made from in-house capabilities coupled with the increased productivity means that the machine often pays for itself within a very short space of time.

Marcus Pagett of Nigel Ferguson Fabrications told us, ‘the Swift-Cut 2500 has transformed the way we do things and easily paid for itself well within the first year.’

An investment into the future of the business, Nigel Cawdron of Hancaw Fabrication summed it up perfectly when he said, ‘it’s one of those things, you buy it and wonder why you didn’t get it ten years ago.’