Swift-Cut Quality and Assurances

At Swift-Cut, we guarantee exceptional quality and performance by putting each machine through a rigorous testing process, ensuring they pass incredibly high calibre testing before leaving the factory.

The Swift-Cut testing programme guarantees that the machine is performing at its optimum at the time of it leaving our factory.  Simple procedures like ensuring the machine fires up and cuts and that all the components are tested right through to the more complex and intricate ball bar testing, are carried out as standard on all our plasma cutting machines.  This process ensures the round drives work in harmony to achieve perfect circulation, considered one of the hardest parts of plasma cutting to get right.

It takes time to test our machines but its time worth spending to know that our machines have left our factory in prime condition and working perfectly.  Our ball bar testing equipment is top of the range, providing the highest levels of accuracy and giving our customers the assurances that the machine they receive has been put through the most meticulous testing possible.

At Swift-Cut we design, engineer and manufacture our machine range in the UK and comply to all the necessary stringent CE regulations.  We’re proud of this level of care we show towards our machines and our customers, so much so that you will see our CE certification emblazoned all over our website, leaving our customers in no doubt about our commitment to quality and safety.

We offer live demonstrations to prospective clients. As a customer about to part with serious money, we know that you want to see the machine working and see what it can produce.  We happily cut your own designs so that the demonstration bears relevance to your industry and we will spend as much time as you need showing you around our machines.

Swift-Cut offers a full one year warranty with full engineering and technical support, whether that is remotely or in person.  Installation is straightforward and training is minimal, Swift-Cut aim to have you up and running within a day, with no undue delays or technical hitches.