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Design & Engineer expert gives
Swift-Cut machine the thumbs up


When a Design and Engineering expert says that he failed to find anything that needed improving on the Swift-Cut PRO 3000, you know you’re doing something right.  And that’s exactly what Toby Kilham, Engineering Director of Fentech told us when we asked him about their new Swift-Cut PRO 3000 table.

He first saw Swift-Cut on a YouTube video some years ago and made a mental note to remember the name for when the time came to think about in-house production.  Fast forward a few years to March 2018 – Fentech were able to purchase a plasma cutting machine and Swift-Cut was the natural choice.

Fentech offers mechanical engineering design solutions for agricultural, food manufacturing, commercial, automotive and industry.  They supply their clients with full project cycle support from discussing feasibility of an idea or concept, through providing a professional design and build to final product support.  Previously, metal work was subcontracted out to laser cutters – a costly and time-consuming method of working.  The addition of the Swift-Cut PRO 300 means they now have the ability to turn jobs around on the same day, which in turns of lead times and accelerating the product development cycle, is phenomenal.


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When budgeting for the Swift-Cut machine, their forecast predicted a two-year timescale for return on investment.  However, the increase in work load that they anticipate means essentially, the machine will prove its value much sooner.

Toby was impressed by the installation, he found it far easier than expected and remarkably thorough, particularly the knowledge shown by the Swift-Cut technician.  Fentech went all out with optional extras, opting for Swift Trace, Swift Mark and the additional Wizard 3 Software package, all of which are proving their worth.

Asked to sum up their experience with Swift-Cut so far, Toby had this to say, “ The Swiftcut 3000 table has exceeded expectations, the ease of setting up parts and running jobs through was surprising and the hardware is solid and repeatable. It’s clear there is no cost cutting involved in the manufacture of the machine and we are yet to find anything we would improve despite being a design engineering business! As a low to medium volume production machine, I hope this will transform our capability to supply parts quickly and efficiently, while at the same time being enjoyable to use.”