Swift-Cut Pro CNC plasma cutting table in action with sparks

CNC Plasma Machine

A CNC plasma machine allows a computer to take charge of the torch head, leading to a cleaner, more defined cut.  It’s a system that’s easy to use and anyone with a basic understanding of computers will be capable of operating the console that comes with the machine.  Not only that, but as part of the installation we include a comprehensive training package to ensure all of our clients are confident they know how to operate their machine, ensuring it maximises its full potential for their business.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do here at Swift-Cut.  Our CNC plasma machines range in size and capabilities, from the Swifty and the Swift-Cut 1250 with its smaller footprint, up to the Swift-Cut PRO, and the Swift-Jet.

Owning a CNC plasma machine means an end to expensive and time consuming outsourcing.  With easy to use software that allows you to program parts for immediate production, waiting on an outside source is a thing of the past. A huge majority of our clients look at owning their own plasma machine when the expense of outsourcing becomes unbearable.

We pride ourselves on our aftercare here at Swift-Cut, which means we stay in touch with all our customers long after the machine has been dispatched. Seen as a long term investment, owning a Swift-Cut plasma machine means you are taking control of your own productivity, not to mention ensuring a quality of cut which is tough to match elsewhere.

And with a Swift-Cut machine, no-one gets left behind.  All of our optional extras can be retro fitted, so if a customer decides they need the Swift Mark application (a tool to allow you to mark and cut in one operation) we can easily and without fuss, come along and fit it to your current model.

We believe we have a plasma machine to suit your requirements. Call one of our knowledgeable sales team now to find out more 01543 473300.