CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

With the rise of a variety of industries seeking in-house capabilities to design, develop and create their own projects and wanting to avoid expensive outsourcing, owning a plasma cutting machine has never been more popular.

And thanks to Swift-Cut, it’s never been more achievable, affordable or available.  With a choice of four CNC plasma cutting machines to choose from, from the smaller Swift-Cut 1250 up to the newest addition to our range, the Swift-Cut PRO as well as the smaller, portable Swifty and the newest machine in our range – the Swift-Jet water cutting machine, we have every angle covered in terms of finding the right model for your needs.

And you don’t need a master’s degree in computer science to operate the machine.  Swift-Cut has made sure all the machines are easy to use.  Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers will quickly become a competent user of the Swift-Cut system and we include comprehensive training as part of what we believe to be an exceptional set up package.  Throw in our continuous aftercare guarantees and you won’t find a better option when looking for your own CNC plasma cutting machine.

We’d love to demonstrate how one of our machines could work for you, please contact us to schedule a demonstration.  Alternatively, if you send us a drawing of a part you would like to make as a .DXF file we’ll cut it out for you as part of a live, online demonstration to show you how easy it is.