Cascade Water Works Swift Cut plasma cutting

Cascade water Works, IL

Cascade Water Works is a business that has spent nearly 40 years in the pipeline accessories industry, honing its skills and business, investing in the right equipment, people and innovations to be world leaders in its sector. It has a very clearly set out  mission to provide thoroughness in its design, innovation in the production techniques and attention to detail in customer service – a mirror image of Swift-Cut’s values, making it a business match made in heaven.

Before they purchased their Swift-Cut PRO 510 water table with Hypertherm Powermax 85 they were producing sub-assembly parts for tapping sleeves by either outsourcing to other metal cutters or by hand cutting internally.  Neither way was particularly fruitful, but the arrival of their machine has changed everything.  Lance Stephens from Cascade told us: “The Swift-Cut machine gives us a huge amount of flexibility and extra production hours with the same team.  The jobs previously done reluctantly by hand are now manufactured on the machine.  Cutting is now fun!”

Happy with their new machine

They found the installation impressive.  There tends to be a reluctance in changing machinery due to the dreaded down time.  With the Swift-Cut install, they were up and running in no time, even allowing a little extra time for some more training.

Lance chose a number of optional add-ons, including Swift Trace and Swift Mark and has been blown away by the potential for growth these extras offer – “a superb, quick and simple way to turn line drawings into a cutting file.”

The Swift-Cut machine is forecast to have a complete ROI in under twelve months, it has fitted their requirements perfectly and exceeded all expectations.

Lance said, “The exciting thing is exploring the capabilities of the complete package to benefit our company over the coming years.” An investment that is providing a scope of opportunities – now that we’re proud of!