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Specialising in interior fit-out and retail display, Alan Nuttall Ltd is a company synonymous with design quality and innovation. It goes without saying then, that to have the reputation they do, they need reliable and innovative equipment to support their operations. Step in Swift-Cut.
Having seen the plasma cutting tables at a few trade shows and carrying out extensive on-line research, Rob Bowles, Nuttall Design Manager, chose Swift-Cut to provide them with a 2500 table in July 2014.


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Interestingly, they do not use the machine for manufacturing. The type of products they engineer are on a much larger scale and are produced elsewhere on site. Their Swift-Cut table is used at the design and development stage. A key factor in the development of products, the purchase of their 2500 table has meant that

all new designs can be prototyped in-house with an immediate turnaround. Prior to the cutting table, designs and prototypes were outsourced and could take as much as a week to develop. According to Rob, their Swift-cut 2500 is used ‘on a daily basis’ and is most definitely a development tool that is ‘earning its keep’!


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The almost immediate production of a design prototype is clearly a tempting and valuable tool when communicating ideas with new clients. There is no limitation to what can be achieved with an in-house cutting table, which offers the ability to produce examples to present to a client on the same day.

Rob was more than happy with the installation process and found the minimal training element appealing. He has since been impressed with the way the machine has allowed Nuttalls to have full control of their own development, not to mention the timescales to which they can now work.

Asked if he would change anything about the machine, he couldn’t think of a single thing. The table does exactly what it should and has provided the perfect solution for the company’s design development processes.

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