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CDC have an impressive portfolio of bespoke commissions, their gallery of images from their work for Nando’s alone is remarkable.  Making unique furniture and features for a variety of clients, specialising in 3D rendering and CAD design, they are fast becoming the go-to for any business looking to stand out from the crowd.  Described by one client as ‘artisans within their trade’, it’s no wonder then, that they have just purchased their second Swift-Cut CNC plasma cutting table in two years.

Their first table, the Swift-Cut 3000 Water table was purchased back in 2014, after Michael Palmer, CDC’s Managing Director did some research on line and was drawn initially simply by the price.  Indeed speaking with Michael today, he is astounded that such an impressive machine is still so cheap.  He looked at more expensive tables, five times the price in fact, but decided that the Swift-Cut table would be able to do everything CDC needed it to.  And he wasn’t wrong.

Michael informs us that the tables are used for ten hours a day five days a week and are as reliable as they are skilled. Their first table was bought due to its size.  The second table, the Swift-Cut 2500, although smaller was bought for the higher powered unit.  Both tables are equally used to capacity and each has its place within the workshop.

When asked if the table has maximised output Michael didn’t hesitate to say that it has changed the face of their business.  Previous outsourcing to laser and water jet companies was costly and time consuming.  Having the resources in-house to keep work flowing has been game changing.

He cannot fault his experience, both installations have been seamless and he finds the technical support from their designated Swift-Cut engineer Adam, a blessing.  Indeed, when the motor broke on their first table a few months in, Adam had a new motor out to them the very next day and made sure they were up and running again within twenty four hours.  With this level of service it’s not hard to see why CDC decided to come back to Swift-Cut for their second CNC plasma cutting table.