A & B Farming Equipment TN

Providing quality category 1 and 2 farming equipment at affordable prices has always been the main goal for A & B Equipment since 1987 – that’s thirty years of striving to build the very best without attaching hefty price tags.

Finding a machine to help build this business – one that could improve service, save man hours and money but without costing the earth seems a bit of a tall order, but when Michael Lauth of A & B met Swift-Cut at the Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky he realised it was in fact, entirely possible.

With their new Swift-Cut PRO 510 WT Powermax 105 with Swift-Trace and Auto Nesting, A & B Equipment has reduced its production from three operations down to one, creating the equivalent of an extra person for increased capacity thus enabling higher volumes.  In short, they are getting more for less and with this realization, they will have paid off their machine within 12 months – an impressive ROI forecast for their accountants.

A & B were impressed with the Swift-Cut customer service, installation and the fact they were up and running within hours.  It’s been plain sailing ever since and thanks to Swift-Cut, they can continue their mission to build affordable farming equipment without compromising on quality.