DSO Creative Fabrications

DSO Creative Fabrication, ME

Based in Portland, Maine, DSO is a full-service metal and woodwork business specializing in custom designed, unique furniture and fixtures for commercial and residential use, established in 2004. With projects ranging from building signage for restaurants to sculptures and artwork for galleries, businesses and hospitals, DSO really are masters of their craft.

When Nate Dyesso, the founder and owner realized how much time and money was being wasted on outsourcing he started to research a more cost-efficient way to work. He knew that owning his own metal cutting table capable of carrying out his projects from start to finish would have an incredible impact on his business.

The purchase of their Swift-Cut PRO48 Water Table has not only lived up to Nate’s hopes but easily surpassed them, proving in no time at all that the decision to invest in the table was the right one. The ability to fine tune parts in real time has been a game changer. As has the speed at which their fabrication time frame has sped up – they can now cut multiple parts of different shapes in an instant instead of outsourcing or cutting by hand themselves.

User Friendly:

Often, businesses find the learning processes of new machinery time consuming and costly. Not so with Swift-Cut – Nate was blown away by how quick and painless it was to get to grips with the table. He feels it’s largely down to the concise and user-friendly program and instructions as well as the reassurance of the Dial Up helpline that he used frequently, with great results. The speed in which the Swift-Cut water table was up and running meant there was no costly down time or delays.

It’s safe to say that DSO is thrilled with their water table, not only because it has refined and improved what they did so well already, but because as time goes on, they are finding more and more purposes for the table that they’d just not considered before. Nate said, ‘we couldn’t be happier to have made this purchase and we’ve since found more uses than we expected for this amazing machine’. A surprising and unexpected bonus to what was already a hugely successful investment.