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Discount Metal Works, KY

It was in December 2016 that Brad Leake of Discount Metal Works realized that his small, older plasma table wasn’t working for him anymore and it was time to upgrade.  His business IS metal, making bespoke metal signs, so having equipment that can cope with the supply and demand nature of his trade is vital.

Discount Metal Works

Speaking with his sales rep at Welder Supply Co in Louisville, he was totally sold on the Swift-Cut PRO 48 table, impressed with its capabilities and the quality of the cut. He found the installation straightforward and even though the software was quite a bit different from his last table, he said it was super easy to learn.

Looking to the future, Brad is really keen to upgrade his entry level software to the SwiftCam 3, the auto-nesting would be a phenomenal addition to his cutting abilities and would really maximise his production.  For now though, when asked how long it would take for the investment to pay off he was pretty sure that it would only be a matter of months.  At which point it will be even more possible to make the software upgrade!

Discount Metal Works