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Independant Machine Works, FL

When your business motto is “take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves” – you’re making a serious claim.  One that needs to be backed up by a quality product.  And what do you need to make a quality product?  That’s right, a quality machine.

And that’s exactly what Independent Machine Works in Florida did when they purchased the Swift-Cut PRO48WT, the CNC plasma table with serious capabilities.  It’s often perceived that getting new machinery can be daunting when factoring in training timescales, down time and teething problems.  Its enough to put businesses off.  Luckily for IMW, they went for it and found out just how easy the Swift-Cut software is to learn.

They told us: “The way the Swift Software is designed, it only takes a few seconds to find what you need and move forward.”

They were stunned by the speed at which they can now work, no more outsourcing means an immediacy that they had not had before – “You’ve helped us get a tool that’s already gained us a customer, wowed by how quick we provided some 1” thick trailer mounting lugs. Blown Away. Took 45 minutes from call to the part in hand!”

They’ve not had their Swift-Cut PRO48WT that long, but it’s already made a serious impact on their business and despite calling themselves “feeble new-born operators”, it took next to no time for them to have their machine earning its keep!

Independant Machine Works