50 Years of Shaping Possibilities

To mark the fiftieth year since Hypertherm began – from humble beginnings in a two-car garage to today, a global provider of cutting solutions – their customers will see new programs and events to celebrate the half century of achievements that Hypertherm has under its belt.

Founded in 1968, Hypertherm was created by Dick Couch and Professor Bob Dean when they discovered that radially injecting water into a plasma cutting nozzle formed a narrower arc.  This meant metal could be cut more accurately and quickly, at the same time as pretty much eliminating heavy dross and double-arcing.

Believe the Hype

What’s been consistent in the last fifty years of Hypertherm is their customer focused innovative approach to developing their product and maintaining their reputation.  They invest heavily in research and development and as such, their team of engineers are responsible for some of the most significant breakthrough technologies this industry has ever seen.

In what promises to be a year of both looking back over the last fifty years and looking forward to the next fifty, Hypertherm continue to innovate and expand.  Since their inception, they have had close to five hundred global patents, dedicating more resources to industry cutting research, development and testing than any other manufacturer in the world.

Swift-Cut and Hypertherm

Here at Swift-Cut, we’ve sold Hypertherm systems from day one.  We wanted a product that was created with the same sense of pride, innovation and quality that we build our machines with.  With Hypertherm, we found just that.  Our machines are built for durability, Hypertherm systems provide the quality needed to match that build.

What can we expect in their 50th year?

As well as continuing to be global leaders in terms of innovation and design, Hypertherm will be introducing new programs designed specifically to deliver greater value to long term customers.  On a lighter note, they will also be unearthing a long-buried time capsule and there will be celebrations at all its global locations with founder Dick Couch.

Happy birthday Hypertherm, from all of us at Swift-Cut!