Is it time to branch out with in-house metal cutting?

In-house metal cutting is just the start

The addition of a plasma cutting machine to any business marks a new growth, a new way forward.  It’s often the beginning of a journey into bigger things.  Tired out outsourcing (both the expense and the time wasted is draining on any sized business), the ability to cut in-house is an aspiration that is fast becoming a reality for more and more businesses thanks to Swift-Cut manufacturing a top class cutting range at affordable prices.

With Swift-Cut, what we promise, we deliver.  So, our customers get the table they dreamed of and their businesses thrive in the way they thought they would. With an in-house metal cutting machine yields the sort of profit they had forecast and its business as usual, albeit better.

A Change is Gonna Come…

However, what many of our customers find is that with improvement often comes change. One of the greatest things we hear at Swift-Cut is about the new doors that have opened thanks to having in-house cutting abilities.  It’s often an unexpected direction – a direction that would never had presented itself without the Swift-Cut table showing them the way.

Leightec Ventilation Systems is a leading specialist in commercial kitchen ventilation systems in the UK.  They purchased their Swift-Cut plasma cutting table in 2013, primarily for the purpose of ductwork production for their ventilation systems.   It was a great investment and the table was every bit as proficient as they thought it would be.  What they didn’t expect was the table leading them to diversify from their primary business.

In a brave move, Leightec Ventilation Systems began to branch out into livestock feeders and signage.  They are the first to admit that without the metal cutting capability of the Swift-Cut table, they would never have ventured down this path.  Indeed, it’s a path that only became visible to them because of the addition of the table.  Read their full story here.

Swift-Cut table seeks business with similar goals…

Having in-house metal cutting capabilities is an exciting time of change and growth and as a company that delivers promises and encourages innovation – Swift-Cut is excited every time a table finds a new purpose.  The need to provide our customers with a quality product is matched by our need to not simply fine-tune what we do, but fine-tune and then re-tune, so that we are always growing, improving and finding new opportunities.  When we find customers with the same objectives – its music to our ears.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a machine for your metal cutting needs, check out our guide to buying a plasma cutting table.