From Outsourcing to Outsourcer


Making the CNC cutting machine earn its keep

At Swift-Cut, we spend a lot of time listening to our customers AFTER the sale.  We think there is value in feedback that helps us as a company stay at the top of our game.  It’s never better when we hear how a table has not only excelled at what it was purposefully bought for, but has also taken on a life of its own.

Most customers state that the expense of outsourcing, both in pure monetary terms and in a timescale sense, is one of the main catalysts for the purchase of their Swift-Cut CNC cutting machine.  The difference in-house cutting can make to a business is often unquantifiable.  Many of our customers say that their table paid for itself within weeks – as return on investments go, it doesn’t get much better than that.

But what about extending the scope of the table? 

What about literally ‘turning the tables’ and becoming the outsourcer? It’s not something any of our clients even considered when they were purchasing their table, however for some, it was a natural transgression that saw them offering their services as outsourcers.

How will we have the time?

When you suddenly have control over your own productivity and set your own timescales, many of our customers found they could take on more work.  The speed of turnaround and the ability to make changes, or correct mistakes immediately, means that there is now scope for expansion.  Some customers simply take on more work.  However, some have found profit in offering their services as metal cutters.

How it worked for our customers

Alan Shirley of ASE Engineering is a fine example of this.  Based in regional Australia, outsourcing for him meant weeks of waiting for parts, often suffering huge delays if the outsourcers made errors. Purchasing his own table meant he could now work quickly and without delay and in no time at all, other businesses in his area were asking for his help.  Now he is the outsourcer, using his table to its maximum potential and becoming the go to for his fellow metal cutters.

Closer to home, JAILmake – a research and concept led 3D design studio in London use their Swift-Cut CNC cutting machine to create prototypes.  It’s proved to be invaluable as an in-house tool, they can now produce immediate results instead of waiting on an outsourcer.  However, one of the most profitable ways its used is as a simple outsourcing tool.  Customers can send over a .DXF or .AI file and JAILmake will create their design.  Customers can then collect the finished work or have it delivered.  In basic terms, the table is making cold hard cash as well as being a continuous work tool and contributing to the overall success of the company.

What Swift-Cut says

Swift-Cut is a progressive, innovative company – it thrives on finding the best technologies and making them available and affordable.  When we hear that a customer has taken one of our machines and maximised its potential far beyond its initial purpose, it’s pretty much the best feedback we could ask for.