GTS subsea

GTS Subsea

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GTS Subsea, operating out of Hampshire, England, designs, builds, and operates deep-sea machinery to explore, probe and collect data from the ocean’s seabeds that can be used for geophysics, geotechnics, and geochemistry. Due to the nature of their work, their machines must be built with great precision and GTS Subsea takes great pride in the quality of their work.  Since procuring a Swift-Cut machine in October of 2012, they’ve benefited from a more controlled and independent method of manufacturing which has allowed them to quickly create prototypes and build machines whilst more easily meeting their customers’ deadlines.

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Fergus Taylor notes that:

– The machine gives businesses the freedom to easily experiment, prototype, and create one-off or small batch parts. The Swift-Cut machine gives an in-house team control over construction and saves them a great deal of time that they used to spend outsourcing to other metal fabricators.

– The machine allows them to think differently about what they make, how they make it, and what they’re capable of making.

– the Swift-Cut customer service team is always helpful, whether it’s the first time you call or the fifteenth.

– The software is easy to use, especially if the user has previous experience with CAD systems.