Swift-Cut 3000

Swift-Cut 3000 for Young Engineers

Last month, Warwick University opened the doors to their brand new WMG Academy for Young Engineers, which gives local students aged 14-19 the opportunity to study engineering and science in a professional, business-focussed setting. With fantastic partners that include Jaguar Land Rover, Controls and Data Services, and National Grid, pupils will be learning valuable skills in environments that will be sure to acquaint them with the industry.

We’re pleased to announce that one of the tools these students will be using in their new workshop is a Swift-Cut 3000 down-draft table equipped with a Donaldson DFO 3-3 Filtration Extraction System and a Hypertherm Powermax 85.  Students will be using the machine to learn CAD drawings, CNC production, and how to create precise cuts and parts for a wide range of projects.

All the equipment in the new workshop was supplied by our distributor FlameFast and we’re excited to see the work that these young and talented engineering students will produce with these machines.