W H Bence

W H Bence

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W H Bence

From mobile MRI scanners to BBC broadcasting trailers and custom hospitality units (and even fire trucks!), the scope of the vehicular work produced by W.H. Bence is vast.  Though the nature of their projects may not be consistent, one thing certainly is: their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.  Their work in the medical, motorsport and emergency services sectors has earned them the reputation for being one of the leading specialist vehicle manufacturers in all of Europe, and it’s easy to see why when you click through their impressive work.

In 2013, the Yate-based company began looking for plasma cutting tables to help their production team work more efficiently.  “Because we never build the exact same thing twice, it’s important for us to be able to prototype new-builds and work with our structural engineers to make sure that the structure is sound,” says their Assistant Production Manager, Edward Brown.  After shopping around, Edward saw a Swift-Cut Plasma Cutting machine in person and was immediately sold on it.  That November, a Swift-Cut 2500 (8’ x 4’) table found a new home at W.H. Bence.

Since the install, Edward has nothing but great things to say about their machine.  Like other Swift-Cutters, now that they’ve taken their metal cutting in-house and are thereby cutting out the middle-man, they’re saving both time and money on their metal fabrication.

It’s a brilliant bit of kit for the money,” says Edward,
It’s easy to use and it’s saved us a lot of money. We’re really glad we bought it.

The photos below are just some of the pieces W.H. Bence is cutting with their Swift-Cut Plasma Cutting Table.  To see pictures of their impressive finished work, be sure to check out their project gallery.